This app lets you relive your best nights out

Unilever has coded a mobile app with the ability to make a record of an unforgettable night out.

The app, from one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies, captures the real-time social elements of Facebook, Twitter and mobile phone activity.


The Lynx Stream was created for deodorant brand Lynx / AXE and it was launched today in the UK. It gathers every video, picture, text, tweet, check-in and status update a group of friends makes to produce an automatic stream of the night as well as highlight video, which can be watched online and shared through social networks.


The Lynx Stream mobile app is free to download from the iTunes store and Android Market. It was created with the intention to drive brand loyalty and engagement by providing a useful social tool for young people.


The Lynx Stream will also serve as a media channel in future product campaigns where content can be traced directly to Lynx followers.


Josh Dean, Lynx Global Brand Manager, said:


“When we design Lynx products we ask ourselves how will it fit into young guys’ lives and how will it make them more confident and attractive in the mating game. The Lynx Stream has been developed with the same thought process.

“Our guys are living on their mobile phones so it makes sense to build an app that adds significant value to their lives by enabling them to capture unforgettable nights out. And if Lynx is helping to facilitate great memories – and is part of the memory – then it stands to reason that people will save some affection for the brand itself.”


The Stream begins with an organizer making an event and sending invitations to their friends to join the group. Those who do not have The Lynx Stream are told where they can download the app in order to join the group.  


When the event begins the Stream captures and collects the group’s video footage, pictures, texts, tweets, check-ins and status updates to build a record of the night out. When the event ends, a full record of the Stream is created as well as a highlights reel, which can be watched and shared through a dedicated Web presence.  


The Lynx Stream was developed in the US by the digital agency Razorfish using Animoto video slideshow technology and is available for free on iOS and Android. It is being tested in the UK with the intention of taking the social tool global across a number of Lynx / AXE territories.