Thieves pilfer newest Call of Duty from GameStop

At least two men were involved in a robbery at a Maryland GameStop location over the weekend, in which more than 100 copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the most anticipated game of the entire year.

The game is slated to go on sale tomorrow, and thousands of gamers are expected to wait up tonight and grab their copy as soon as the clock hits midnight. Best Buy will open up 700 locations for midnight launch events, more than it has ever done for any game.

Black Ops has the potential to sell more launch-day copies than any video game in history, but not when it comes to this Bel Air, Maryland store.

The Baltimore Sun reports the men stormed into the store Saturday night, right when it was about to close. Armed with guns, they demanded the entire stock of the Black Ops game, as well as cash and video game consoles.

A spokesperson for the local police department has urged anyone who is offered an early copy of the game to call authorities. No one is supposed to sell the game before its official release date.

They didn’t seem to have any leads as to who the culprits are, although if Microsoft were to look for anyone playing Black Ops on their console right now in the Bel Air, MD area, it would give them a start.