The Main Benefits Of Building Your Own PC

Being a gamer in 2020 gives you a lot of options. From the hand-held Nintendo Switch to the 4K-capable PS4 Pro, gamers can choose a variety of platforms and have different experiences. While gaming-designated devices are great if you’re looking for a casual experience, the PC gives you the best experience, since it can run games in better graphics at higher frame rates, all making for a smoother, more immersive experience.

Even though you might spend some more money on a PC than a console, computers are versatile tools. Consoles have very restrictive operating systems, but computers give you more options both in and out of the game. First off, there are many more PC games than console games. Second off, the PC is the platform that has the most support from developers, although we’re only talking about Windows-based systems. Macintosh and Linux-based machines still have some issues in terms of game support. Even games that were initially console exclusives, like Red Dead Redemption 2, have become available on the PC platform.

So, if the PC has the most games and the best hardware, naturally it’s the best choice for someone who’s passionate about gaming. 

It’s Easy 

2020 is the best year to build your first PC. Prices are competitive across the board, options are at an all-time high, and supporting content for first-time builders is flooding Youtube. There are plenty of influencers, like LinusTechTips and JayzTwoCents that have updated build guides that cover everything, from installing a CPU to cable management.

Aside from the richness of content, the building part is also very easy. Once you choose compatible hardware, you’ll notice that it’s a lot like LEGO. You align the parts and just slide them into their slots. Some require a bit of force, like the RAM and GPU, but everything you need to know to succeed is on Youtube. 

It’s Cheaper

Learning to build your PC will save you a serious chunk of cash. Prebuilt stations have inflated prices and more inferior hardware, like shady RAM and power supplies. If you want to buy from a PC hardware vendor, then you should know that when they sell you a prebuilt, their goal is to get rid of hardware that they couldn’t sell throughout the year because it’s of inferior build quality. Getting rid of the middle man will give you better components and more weight in your pockets, so there’s no reason to buy a prebuilt system. 

It’s Entirely Specced To Your Liking 

PC gaming gives you a lot of choices in terms of quality. With consoles, you’re locked between 1080p 60 fps, 1080p 30 fps, and 4K 30 fps. It’s also constricted by the 16:9 aspect ratio, which doesn’t do anything special. On PC, you can game in high resolutions at high frame rates, and low resolutions, like 1080p, can reach as much as 240 fps with the right monitor. 

Just decide what types of games you’re into. If fast-paced shooters are your style, then going with a medium-range graphics card and a good gaming monitor will help you get high refresh rates in games like Overwatch, Apex Legends, CS:GO, the upcoming Doom: Eternal, and more. If you’re into RPGs, third-person action games, then higher resolution monitors paired with a better GPU will give you 60+ fps in the most hardware-intensive games, games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Witcher 3, STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order. 

A high-end setup will give you good in-game performance for the future 5-6 years without any need to upgrade. If you decide to go with a more budget build, then you can always swap parts and upgrade on the fly. That’s what PC gaming is all about. This is our segue into the next section, upgradability.

It Gives You The Option To Upgrade in The Future

Because the PC is so customizable, you can always upgrade it in the future. If you’re unsure if a high-end gaming PC is a good investment, shop for something more value-oriented, and give it a try. If you’re happy with your choice but are left wanting for more, you can always upgrade your CPU, storage, RAM, graphics card, without changing your motherboard. Just pop the old ones out, pop the new ones in, and restart your rig. In a matter of minutes, you’re ready to go back to gaming at a much higher performance.


Building your own PC is THE best way to ensure that your gaming experience is tailored to your particular preferences. It’s the only way to get the most value out of your components, without having to spend anything extra on options you don’t need. Go for RGB or simply for a clean look, spec it for high-end AAA games or for competitive titles, it’s all up to you.