The girls who get around the net

The idea of AroundThe.Net (ATN) was born from a blog post. Not an impressive blog post by any stretch of the imagination and indeed, it was its sheer banality which galvanized us to action.

One of the few high ranking female execs at a certain chip company had decided to blog about what she believed girls wanted from life, taking it upon herself to explain to the world that what women world over craved the most was the love of a geeky man.

A geeky man with no dress sense, no social skills, but who could help us imbecile women fix a computer or mow the lawn.

For those of us “tech girls” who have been gainfully employed in the industry for years, this was a shocking blow and an affront not only to our (not-so-delicate) sensibilities but to our common sense. 

Why should a woman, a high ranking tech exec at that, presume to speak on behalf of all women or pretend we are all one homogeneously tech-retarded group of blathering bimbos.

It’s offensive.

Women, just like their male counterparts, fall into a vast variety of categories and – oddly enough – have very different opinions from one another on most things. 

Yes, even in tech. And no, we’re not raging feminists, and we’d never dare to burn our expensive Victoria’s Secret bras, thank you very much.

So, how best to showcase the fun, geeky, random side of the business we love than to take four of the most opinionated, passionate, intelligent, well spoken and socially adjusted (perhaps not!) girls in tech and put them together to make videos to entertain, engage or enrage you?

To battle it out with each other and our unsuspecting victims (guests) in a war of wits, to eloquently and elegantly go where no tech show has gone before: to a non-cheesy, no nonsense tech show by women, but not for women.

But not for men either. But for everyone. 

A show where pink gets checked at the door and where fluff has no place.

A tasteful yet brash, belligerently funny, realistically refreshing approach to covering tech news and the digital toys we care about.

Think, G4TV meets Engadget meets Top Gear, meets TMZ, meets the View….on acid!

You can catch the girls – Sylvie Barak, Raven Alexis, Lydia Leavitt and Nicole Scott – from AroundThe.Net on their site or on their Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube or any number of other places Around the dot net