Playboy iPad app? Nah, just a website

Yes, the entire Playboy catalog will be made available for the iPad in March. But access to the sultry and uncensored pics will be granted via an iOS optimized (subscription) website rather than a hardcore app.

Indeed, the popular men’s magazine is currently being, er, re-polished by none other than Bondi Digital for Apple’s sleek iPad. 

“I can confirm that we are in development with them. You’ll be able to access [Playboy] via the browser in your tablet and use the same password to access it on your computer,” Bondi co-founder David Anthony told

”[Now], the thing that I think is so fascinating about tablets is that the user experience is very natural for turning pages and zooming in on them. The idea from our perspective was to get in as much of that functionality as humanly possible, via the web app we’re creating.”

Well, props to Bondi for that!

But anyway, all hope is not lost for those pining over the re-imagined Playboy iPad app that never was.

That’s right – because Playboy spokesperson Theresa Hennessey revealed the adult-themed company will soon release a “non-nude version of a Playboy-branded iPad app in the coming months that adheres to all of Apple’s policies and guidelines.”

Hey now! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about – having your cake and eating it too! [[iPad]]