The Dude’s sweater gets auctioned off

By the time you read this, one lucky Big Lebowski fan will likely have a piece of the Dude. 

Yes, the Dude’s cardigan sweater recently went up on the auction block, with bidding beginning at $4-6,000. Unsurprisingly, there will also be replica Dude cardigan sweaters available in September for $188.

The Big Lebowski, the Coen Brothers’ 1998 follow up to their wildly acclaimed Fargo, initially wasn’t a hit, but the film has grown a loyal and devoted cult following. 

According to the Lebowski Fest organization, “Fans of the film (aka ‘Achievers’) come from far and wide to drink white Russians, throw some rocks and party with an array of Dudes, Walters and Maudes (not to mention a nihilist or two.)” Lebowski Fests usually show the movie the first night, then hold a bowling party the second night.

The Big Lebowski is uneven, but more sticks to the wall than doesn’t, especially the hilarious performances from John Goodman, playing Walter Sobchak, a character based on Apocaylpse Now screenwriter John Milius, and of course, Jeff Bridges, one of our most dependable actors, as the Dude himself.

According to Lebowski trivia on imdb, “dude” is said 161 times during the film, the F word is also apparently used 292 times, more than in Scarface, the Dude says “man” about once every 1.5 minutes, he drinks nine White Russians during the film, and a lot of the clothes the Dude wore were Bridges’ own, but it’s doubtful any self-respecting Lebowski fan doesn’t know all this already. 

And by now, even if you’re not a fan, you probably know the film’s best known catch-phrase, “The Dude abides,” not to mention there’s tons of sites that include numerous quotes from the film. (One that jumped out at me: “Does this place look like I’m ****ing married?! The toilet seat’s up man!”)

So again, by the time you read this, one lucky Lubowski fan in a much higher tax bracket than the Dude himself will have his sweater. Perhaps dudeliness is next to godliness.