Star Trek enters Netflix streaming orbit

CBS and Netflix have clinched a potentially lucrative two-year licensing deal for the latter company to stream two classic sci-fi series: “Star Trek” (all generations ) and “The Twilight Zone.”

A number of additional, popular shows will begin streaming in April, including “Medium,” Flashpoint” and “Frasier.”

Older shows, like “Cheers” (where everybody knows your name), “Family Ties” (hello Michael J Fox), “Hawaii Five-0,” (gotta love the theme music) “Twin Peaks” (kind of creepy) and the Andy Griffith Show (Andy, are you goofing on Elvis?) are also part of the above-mentioned agreement. 

“More and more, people want to be able to access our programming on a wide variety of platforms,” explained CBS exec Scott Koondel.

“We are very pleased that the titles offered through this deal will now also be made available to a whole new community through the terrific and convenient service that Netflix offers.”

However, Koondel emphasized that the above-mentioned deal is “non-exclusive,” allowing the network to pursue “additional distribution partners” who are “additive” to its overall business.

Translation? Good for you, but not that great for Netflix.