Space Mountain rider found unconscious

One of Disney World’s most thrilling rides became the theme park’s most dramatic scene over the weekend.

A rider on Space Mountain was found unconscious at the end of the 150-second attraction, though at this point it’s unknown what the exact cause of the incident was.

The victim was reported to be a 48-year-old woman, who boarded the ride without issue but did not get up when it came to an end. Park employees realized she was unresponsive and called for emergency medical service.

The event led Disney to shut down Space Mountain for the rest of the day, making the first time in nearly 13 years that the coaster had to be taken out of service because of a passenger incident.

The passenger from Saturday’s event was taken to a local Florida hospital, where she was in stable condition.

“Our thoughts and concerns are with the guest and her family. We have sent a representative to the hospital to assist them with their needs,” said Disney spokesperson Andrea Finger.

The ride was reopened about 24 hours later on Sunday, after a team of technicians performed an investigation.

Disney pointed out that while similar incidents have happened in the past, in every case the victim had a pre-existing medical condition. The company posts warnings at each theme park attraction about who should or should not ride.