Sony develops next-gen Blu-ray format for PS4

High-level Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida recently told Play3 that the future Playstation 4 will use optical storage discs such as Blu-ray for its game library.

According to Anthony Severino of Playstation Lifestyle, Sony will have to  “go above and beyond” the current Blu-Ray format if it is to “withstand” the standard PlayStation 10-year lifecycle.

“While Blu-Ray is here to stay and certainly has plenty of life left in it, so does the PlayStation 3,” wrote Severino.

“When the time arrives for the PlayStation 4 to be released, there could be a need for such a massive capacity storage medium. If Sony sees a need for such a format in the future, they’d likely look to the PS 4 to replicate the success the PS3 had in ushering in Blu-Ray.”

Indeed, GameInformer reports that Sony is currently working on a successor to Blu-ray. The new format is apparently similar to the previously announced Holographic Versatile Disc, with a capacity of 6TB. 

Severino noted that 6TB was “more than enough” to support 1080p HD video, 3D imagery, uncompressed loseless HD audio, along with any other AV codec. 

“On top of all that storage, the format can use the massive amount of available space to implicate extra security measures, a major positive when pitching the format to game developers (and movie studios) who don’t want their games pirated,” he added.