Sony buys Sucker Punch game studio

Sucker Punch, a studio that was founded by former Microsoft employees, now belongs to Sony.

Originally formed in 1997, Sucker Punch has remained an independent developer and has been pumping out games since its flagship title for the Nintendo 64, Rocket: Robot on Wheels.

However, it has only really become a household name after it decided to work exclusively with Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the name behind two of the most popular Playstation franchises, Sly Cooper and Infamous.

The studio has only been creating titles for Sony consoles since 2002, and sort of acted as a quasi Sony entity, but now it is official as the company is wholly owned by the Playstation maker.

For Sucker Punch, it means larger development budgets, a much huger safety net, and security for its employees. For Sony, it can shift the books and treat the studio as an internal group and not an external expense.

What it basically boils down to is the two companies now able to streamline and consolidate expenses, and ensures that Sucker Punch won’t eventually go rogue after its Sony exclusivity deal expired.

It’s unclear if the deal will affect any of the games currently in Sucker Punch’s lineup, and financial terms of the purchase were not disclosed. But certainly, it is a win-win for both companies.