Apple succeeds in blocking Aussie sales of Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s been forced to delay selling the Australian version of its latest Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia because of its continuing litigation with Apple.

Apple claims the device infringes ten of its patents, and has won an injunction against Samsung keeping it off the shelves. According to Bloomberg, Apple wants to get the device pulled from other countries too.

The device had been expected to be launched in a little over a week’s time. Now, though, it will be delayed until the lawsuit with Apple is settled – which could take some time. The agreement also requires Apple to cover Samsung’s costs if it loses the case.

The row goes back to April, when Apple sued Samsung in the US for ‘blatantly’ copying the iPad. It’s complained about everything from the Tab’s internal components to its packaging.

Soon after, Samsung launched a countersuit, demanding that some Apple imports should be banned in the US. The two companies are now fighting in a dozen different courts on four continents.

“The Australian decision obviously isn’t binding in any way upon the courts in other countries, but the fact that Samsung didn’t just stand up to defend the US version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 serves as an indication that Apple’s allegations probably have some merit,” suggests patents blogger Florian Mueller.

“I fully believe them that they never planned to sell it there anyway, but if they thought the product faces no (potential) infringement issues, they wouldn’t have entered into such an agreement.”