Skyrim Creation engine FTW!

Bethesda will be deploying its indigenously coded, sophisticated Skyrim (Creation) engine to power additional games in the future.

“Yeah, I mean obviously, whatever [we] work on after Skyrim will take advantage of the tech [we] have developed,” Bethesda spokesperson Peter Hines told VG247.

“But what that next product is or what it’s going to be? Everybody’s gonna have to wait and see. Right now, it’s been used for Skyrim and that’s what our focus is on. We aren’t saying what they’re going to work on next.”

So, what is the significance of Skyrim’s Creation Engine and why should you care?

Well, Creation facilitates the rendering of realistic environmental effects, including dynamically falling snow and detailed flora.

In addition, blowing winds have actual physical effects on the landscape, such as altering the flow of water and swaying leaves on their branches. 

Meanwhile, Bethesda has also overhauled its Radiant AI system for Skyrim, re-dubbing it “Radiant Story.”

The upgraded AI platform allows non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with their environment and react – more realistically – to the player’s actions.

For example, conversations between the player and NPCs are generated in real-time, as NPCs move around with body gestures when talking.

Finally, NPCs are now capable of reacting to each other, as well as with the protagonist.