Sick of Sarah tops a million BitTorrent downloads

Indie band “Sick of Sarah” has managed to break a million (legal) album downloads on BitTorrent.

Sure, most musicians care more about cold hard cash than their actual fans, but not Sick of Sarah.

Apparently, the band understands that widespread exposure at minimal cost to fans often leads to more opportunities, such as packed concerts and larger, more lucrative venues for live shows.

So that is why the five punk/indie girls decided to launch their new album “2205” on BitTorrent – for free.

“Our success on the BitTorrent platform has been overwhelming. This technology and audience aren’t only the future, they’re here today,” said bassist Jamie Holm.

“We welcome all the new fans and hope our experiments with online distribution and fan engagement open up new doors for other artists.”

As TorrentFreak’s Ernesto points out, the million plus legal downloads would never have been possible without the active help of BitTorrent, which bundled the album the download of their popular BT clients.

“Everyone who downloaded the uTorrent or BitTorrent Mainline application during the last month, was automatically downloading the Sick of Sarah album unless they opted out,” explained Ernesto.

“Needless to say, this, and other P2P promotions such as Frostclick, are the main reason the seeder record [82,943+] was set.”

Sick of Sarah has been described by critics as the next big girl band, and 2205 has been lauded by some of the godmothers of rock music, including Nancy Wilson of Heart and Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles – both of whom took Sick of Sarah on the road in 2010.