Nathan Fillion or Malcolm Reynolds?

Nathan Fillion – aka Captain Malcolm Reynolds – says pining Firefly fans often relate to him as if he was still commanding the starship Serenity, along with Zoe, Jayne and Wash.

”Firefly fans will see me, do a double take, stop, nod, and say, ‘Captain’ with an air of ‘I know what you’ve been through. I’ve been there too,” Fillion told Entertainment Weekly.

“A guy did it to me in a furniture store the other day. I was walking by, and he saw me, stopped, stood up straight, and said, ‘Captain,’ and I nodded and said, ‘As you were.'”

Fillion also told the magazine that female Castle fans interacted with him in a totally different way.

“Castle fans – I’ll say 75 percent of the time – are women, and they light up. They go [eyes and mouth open]. They get really excited.”

Still, Fillion said he manages to stay true to his inner geek despite his cult celebrity status amongst sci-fi fanbois and fangirlz. 

“It’s easy to keep the geek fan base stoked by simply remaining true to the inner geek. I just continue to be excited by the things I am excited by. I love sci-fi. I love computer games. I love technology.

“I like flashlights that are really small but really bright. If it has buttons, batteries, performs some kind of unusual function – yeah, I got it. I [even] want it,” he added.

[Via Just Jared]