Sex tape serendipity

A comedy script called Sex Tape recently sold for a tidy sum, while J Lo managed to stop an alleged sex tape from going live in the wild.  

As actress Reese Witherspoon noted at the MTV Awards, “When I came up in this business, if you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hid it under your bed.”

The storyline of the Sex Tape movie is about many people’s nightmares of a fun home movie getting leaked, or is it really a nightmare or accident with some of these tapes? 

You always wonder why a lot of celebrities don’t destroy the evidence in the first place, but maybe it’s all about the thrill of possibly getting caught, building a reputation, or running the risk of something leaking out there.


Celebrity sex tape scandals are nothing shocking today, and once the Pam / Tommy Lee tape got out, celebrities were scared to death of errant tapes being out there that could wind up all over the net.

In the hair band world especially, a lot of groups made videos, sometimes surreptitiously while the rest of the band and crew watched it on the TV monitor at the front of the bus, which left a lawyer friend of mine salivating at the prospect of a class action lawsuit.


Gene Simmons from Kiss has always had a notorious reputation with groupies, but the band’s original manager, the late Bill Aucoin, put a stop to him videotaping things. 

This was also back when video technology wasn’t easily portable and viewable, but Aucoin was certainly smart enough to know something like this could get Gene in trouble, and that was the end of it. 

After a much storied sexual history, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner finally cleaned house himself. 

As he told writer Bill Zehme, “We deep-sixed them. Dumped them in the ocean. I don’t know the location. Sorry. The tapes are gone, but the memories linger on.”