Report: Microsoft and LG team up for 3D gaming

Microsoft and LG have reportedly entered into a memorandum of understanding to jointly market the latter’s new 3D televisions alongside 3D-enabled Xbox 360 games in the Asia Pacific region.

“If we’re reading this [South Korean press release] correctly then it appears set to begin by bundling Xbox 360 3D games with LG 55/47LX9500 LED televisions sometime at the end of June,” wrote Engadget’s Thomas Ricker.

“In other words, we’re not seeing anything specific claiming new Xbox 360 hardware, just like we’ve seen on the PS3.”

However, Ben Parfitt of MCVreacted with some skepticism to the above-mentioned report.

“Sony has already set out its intentions to lead in the emerging 3D games space, and Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS handheld will mark the Kyoto firm’s first venture into the new market,” explained Parfitt.

“But Microsoft? The platform holder has only ever gone as far to assure that the Xbox 360 is 3D compatible, but beyond that its intentions remains unclear.”