Relaxing Games for Recreation

In today’s fast-paced and technology-crazed world, barely anyone knows the meaning of recreation anymore. In order to have a healthy, happy mind, we need to take part in activities that bring us joy and relaxation.

So whether you’re looking for a game to bring the family together, something to keep the kids occupied or a game you can introduce to a youth group or sports team, we have some great ideas for you! Below is a list of some technology-free games that take recreation right back to its roots.

· Darts

Darts may be seen as exclusively a game played at the pub but it can actually be entertaining for all ages (so long as children are supervised). The great thing about darts is that it can be practiced individually or played amongst friends. Having a dartboard in the home can be a great investment as it’s a great way to wind down or as a form of entertainment at parties. Affordable and good quality dartboards can be purchased at costly dartboard.

· Cards

Playing cards is an amazing way to relax. Like darts, it can be played alone in games like Solitaire and there are a multitude of games that can be played with a group of friends. Cards are cheap and easily accessible. If you don’t already have a pack of cards lying around the house, you can pick up a pack from most supermarkets or Dollar stores.

· Board Games

Board games are a truly wonderful way to relax and there are a myriad of different board games out there. There are ones that test your spelling and word knowledge, like scrabble, ones that test your general knowledge, like 30 Seconds and one that test your drawing skills, like Pictionary. Board games are a great way to connect and learn more about your friends and family.

· Table Tennis

Purchasing a table tennis table may be a hefty expense to some but it is sure to bring hours of joy. Some table tennis tables can fold in half so that you can practice individually but it is definitely more fun playing with a friend or playing doubles in teams. If more people want to participate, you could even host a small tournament or use the table to play beer pong or cup pong.

· Puzzles

Puzzles are not so much a game as they are an activity, but they are very relaxing nonetheless. Puzzles can keep you occupied for months if you buy a big enough one and it’s something the entire family can take part of. There is no rivalling the satisfaction you feel upon completion of a big puzzle. Puzzles are a great way to end off the day as you sip a hot beverage and look for the perfect pieces.

All the above ideas are fantastic, and mostly, affordable ways in which you can relax, either by yourself or in a group. It’s important to dedicate at least a few hours each week to recreation to bring fun and laughter into your life.