PS3 firmware update 3.70 coming soon

Sony has released details about what to expect in an imminent software update for the PS3.

Firmware version 3.70 will offer even more reasons for gamers to subscribe to Playstation Plus, the premium online PS3 service that gives users additional features and free content.

For Plus members, the new system update will add the ability to automatically synchronize trophy information in the background, to prevent huge load times when checking trophy collections.

Additionally, when there’s a new software update for an individual PS3 title in a user’s game library, users can set the console to download those updates automatically as long as the system has a persistent online connection.

On the same note, players can also automatically upload every new game save file to the cloud, giving them access to their saves even when using someone else’s PS3.

These new enhancements act as an extension of Playstation Plus’s existing automatic download feature, which lets users set their PS3 to grab certain episodic and updated content while they’re away from the console.

For everyone else, the new PS3 firmware will add a “recommend” button in the digital Playstation Store marketplace. This button will send a link to the game or item to a friend.

The main menu screen, known as the XMB, will also change to include a new apps category, providing easier access to content like Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu Plus.

And finally, the new update adds enhancements to Blu-ray 3D movie playback. In a blog post, Sony said this sweeping update will be pushed out to all PS3 users “soon.”