Get ready for Angry Birds baby merchandise

Would you wrap your newborn up in an Angry Birds baby blanket?

Rovio, the developer of the smash hit casual game, has signed a new licensing deal with a company called SwaddleDesigns, which specializes in the manufacturing of baby products.

Although the game developer has only come to fame because of a single, 99-cent downloadable title, it has turned into a pop culture phenomenon.

Angry Birds t-shirts, baseball caps, stuffed animals, keychains, and trinkets litter store shelves from gift shops to novelty retailers to big box department stores.

“Rovio’s core business is games but licensing/merchandising is one of the fastest growing parts of the company,” said Rovio VP Ville Heijari in a recent Reuters interview.

The company has also continued to update the game franchise, with new themed levels and updates consistently rolling out through the iTunes App Store and Android Market. Additionally, it continues to expand into other sectors with console game platforms, set-top boxes, Web browsers, and even Blu-ray Disc movies getting tastes of the irresistible slingshot-centric title.

The new licensing deal will bring the iconic characters and zany art styles to blankets, baby clothes, and other products for those who just can’t wait to teach their children how dominant the mobile gaming market has become.