Playstation hires another social media "specialist"

Sony’s Playstation team now has three full-time employees devoted exclusively to the official Playstation blog and Twitter account.

Unlike Xbox’s main blog run almost exclusively by “Major Nelson”, the Playstation Blog is turning into a full-blown editorial operation. The latest recruit is Sid Shuman, whose previous work experience includes 11 years at Gamepro magazine.

In an introductory post to the blog, he writes, “My day-to-day focus will be updating and maintaining PlayStation’s official Twitter account… and Facebook page… as well as helping moderate and maintain our new PlayStation.Blog Share.”

That latter item, PlayStation.Blog Share, is likely the catalyst that required Sony to hire on a new guy. Share is a new feature where users can “formally” submit requests to Sony about how to improve the Playstation brand, products, or anything else. Hundreds of ideas have been submitted since the feature launched one week ago.

Shuman joins Jeff Rubenstein and Chris Morell in the group of people who blog about Playstation all day. According to his LinkedIn profile, Rubenstein was a producer at the Orlando Sentinel for 8 years before joining Sony. Morell, like Shuman, used to work at Gamepro. He was there for 2 years.