Paul McCartney to digitize himself for posterity

Paul McCartney appears remarkably well preserved for his age. 

Then again, I suppose we all would look as good as the former Beatle if we had a billion dollars, married women half our age and trotted around the globe extolling the virtues of a vegetarian diet.

But as with everything in life, all good things must come to an end. And since Paul McCartney is not an Elf and doesn’t have a magical ring at his disposal, he is doomed to lead the life of a mere mortal.

Still, mortality doesn’t mean that McCartney – or at least some of his belongings – can’t be preserved for posterity.

Yes, in an apparent bout of frenzied, yet self-important generosity, McCartney has decided to ink an “altruistic” deal with HP to digitize his extensive library. 

For the good of Mankind, of course. A Brotherhood of Man and all that yadda yadda sap.

But I digress.

As one would expect, McCartney maintains one of the most comprehensive libraries of any artist, much of which has never been viewed by the peasant masses before. 

It includes images, artwork, paintings, film and videos, as well as masters of some of the most popular songs ever written.

After HP has finished digitizing the contents of McCartney’s collection, the material will be made available via a “private cloud environment.”

“Portions” of the library will made available to working class hero fans (er, sorry John Lennon, couldn’t resist), so they can have a personal and “unparalleled” glimpse into McCartney’s work.

“I’ve always been interested in creative ideas and new ways of reaching people, so this is a really exciting initiative for me,” a seemingly humble McCartney blathered in an official statement. 

“I hope it will allow people who might be interested to access parts of our archives they might otherwise not be able to. I’m looking forward to working with HP on this project.”

Of course, for those who just can’t wait for the virtual library to open, you can visit in the interim. 

No, it isn’t quite the same, but you’ll just have to make do for now and live in hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us.