Organic Motion deploys OpenSTAGE technology at Sony Wonder Lab

San Francisco (CA) – Organic Motion has deployed its OpenSTAGE platform at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab (SWTL) in Manhattan. The new exhibit reportedly allows participants to “bring Sony animated characters to life” by using their own movements.

“Unlike traditional motion capture, which requires the subject to put on special tracking body suits, Organic Motion’s systems let people simply wear their regular clothing,” the company explained in a statement. “This is especially beneficial for other applications for the general public as well, such as sports, medicine and entertainment, where a number of individuals can quickly pass through the system and have each person’s exact body movement be digitized and streamed instantly into software for analysis or display.”

Company spokesperson Chris Michaels told TG Daily that Organic Motion deployed 14 cameras and utilized advanced software to create an exact representation, or “digital clone” of an individual. Michaels also noted that Microsoft’s Project Natal was “limited to a one-dimensional plane due to its single camera.”

“Microsoft’s Natal is currently very game-focused,” said Michaels. “In contrast, Organic Motion platforms can be used for various applications, including medical research and treating PTSD. Our systems are also used by various federal agencies to train emergency workers and by the military to prepare soldiers for combat.”