OMG! Major Nelson falls victim to Xbox Live hack attack

OMG! Microsoft’s Major Nelson (aka Larry Hyrb) has reportedly fallen victim to a rather amusing Xbox Live hacking attack.

According to Kotaku, the mischievous hacker apparently wrote a number of decidedly NSFW messages in Nelson’s bio info and speech bubble before Microsoft managed to regain control of the compromised account.

Meanwhile, the Website known as “” has claimed responsibility for the hack, while proudly releasing a video of the incident.

The hacker – known by his Skype username as “Roid-Monkey” – has also offered to jack other players’ accounts for an (ostensibly reasonable) $60.

Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement Stephen Toulouse later confirmed the unauthorized incursion  and noted the security breach would be thoroughly investigated. 

“Looks like this was very specific and very targeted to Major. I’ll look into the details and report back later,” he added.