Steve Jobs named the "most valuable" CEO in the universe

Barron’s has named Steve Jobs the “most valuable” CEO in the world, claiming that the US of A “could use 1,000 more like him.”

“Probably the world’s most valuable CEO is Steve Jobs of Apple, as shown by stock dips on news of his medical problems,” the report obtained by AppleInsider stated.

“Apple recently hit a record, with a market value topping $200 billion, a reflection of the Street’s confidence that a healthy Jobs (at least from what we can tell) continues to keep Apple ahead of the game. Jobs likely accounts for $25 billion or more of Apple’s market value.”

Barron’s also insisted that any list of the “most respected” CEOs would have to start with Jobs, whose “cinematic” return to the company “triumphantly rescued” it from the brink of death and destruction.

“The Mac was and remains brilliant, but it was just the beginning. With the iPod, iPhone, iTunes and the App Store, Apple has forced dramatic changes in the music, movie and wireless businesses.

“With the iPad and the iBookstore, he’s taking on the rest of the content industry, including textbooks, bestsellers and newspapers.”

It should be noted that the Jobs was also named the world’s “best-performing” CEO by the Harvard Business Review in December for increasing Apple’s market cap by a staggering $150 billion over the past 12 years.

In addition, Fortune recently dubbed Jobs the CEO of the decade  for transforming Club Cupertino into a “groundbreaking technology leader” and making it the “most valuable” company in Silicon Valley.