Netflix partners with Relativity Media for more streaming

Netflix’s Internet streaming service has just landed its latest deal, bringing Relativity Media titles to the service within a few months after their DVD releases.

Relativity does not have a lot of high-profile movies in its umbrella, although it did just recently acquire the entire back catalog of movies from the studio Rogue Pictures.

Among the first titles to be added to Netflix streaming as part of this deal are The Fighter, Skyline, Move 43, and Season of the Witch.

“Historically, the rights to distribute these films are pre-sold to pay TV for as long as nine years after their theatrical release. ”Through our partnership with Relativity, these films will start to become available to our members just months after their DVD release,” said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos.

Netflix is the top dog in the movie streaming market, mainly because it is the only major service that offers an “all you can eat” deal, while other companies require customers to pay for each title.