Nat Geo and Max Polyakov’s Murka to raise environmental awareness with a new collaboration

New Game Released by National Geographic Partners and Murka, Co-founded by Max Polyakov is all about celebrating exploration, nature and wildlife.

How can you bring nature into the world of slot machine games? Well, National Geographic and Max Polyakov’s Murka Software Development know the answer. That’s why these two entities have teamed up to produce Nat Geo WILD Slots.

Instead of just playing a game, the goal is to raise awareness about our environment and wildlife. The vision behind this project, and the partnership itself, is to showcase the wonders of nature to players – a kind of virtual trip around the world through a slot machine on your phone.

Discovering nature with games

The Nat Geo WILD SlotsTM game was developed by Murka in collaboration with the National Geographic Wild Life Channel. While playing this game, nature enthusiasts are also able to experience wildlife and donate to its preservation.

This is the first time National Geographic has licensed a Noosphere born and bred game developer to use content from National Geographic WILD in a game in order to provide environmental education to the general public and encourage wildlife rescue.

Nat Geo and Murka’s new project is meant to appeal to gaming enthusiasts, who are equally interested in nature and their environment to help wildlife rescue.

The timing is perfect for the development of a slot game like this. The social gaming industry is growing steadily and there is also a growing concern for our environment and its wildlife.

Players will not only be exploring nature but discovering how they can preserve our environment. The perfect game for environmentally-conscious minds.

The journey to discovering nature with games

Image credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via Facebook

The development of nature-based games isn’t new. National Geographic intensified their aim to bringing nature to the gaming world back in 2015 with the introduction of the puzzle game, Bonza Word Puzzle.

Shortly after, came a Puzzle Explorer which was designed in collaboration with YETi CGI. In 2016, National Geographic again partnered with Magic Jigsaw Puzzles to introduce the World One Puzzle series.

For Murka, this is not their first socially-oriented project, as the company has already developed some themed, social slot games for the general public. However, this is the first time it’s ventured into bringing wildlife and nature to its social slot world.

To the co-founder of Murkа, Max Polyakov, this is an extraordinary collaboration that will benefit society in two ways. On this, he said, “the collaboration between Murka and National Geographic Partners is unique for the social casino game genre because it will be not just entertaining but it also will encourage players to learn more about nature and wildlife and improve the environment we live in.”

There are also some insights about game features. Max Polyakov wrote on his Facebook page, ”I hope the next step for Murka’s collaboration with NatGeo will be the possibility to donate to rescuing endangered species within the game.”

National Geographic covers 45 different languages in over 170 countries around the world. For over 125 years, it has helped to raise awareness and concerns for nature and сontinues to contribute to environmental education.