Modern Warfare 3 will support dedicated servers

Activision has confirmed that it will be supporting dedicated servers for the PC version of Modern Warfare 3. 

As you may recall, Infinity Ward ditched the dedicated server option for Modern Warfare 2 – claiming the move would help thwart cheating and guarantee quality service for its entire customer base.

“The big announcement today is that we’re supporting dedicated servers for PC, which is really cool,” a company rep told Eurogamer.

“And of course we’re working really hard right now on the customized version of Elite for the PC [versions of Call of Duty games], because it’s an open platform and has some challenges.”

Heller also noted that in addition to website, tablet and mobile versions of CoD Elite, Activision would be launching a “console app” to facilitate even easier access to stats and other options.

“[Yes], we’re doing a console app… So right there on PS3 and 360 you can jump out of the game into the app and communicate with your clan or do whatever you need to do before running back into the game.”

Modern Warfare 3 – which is slated to hit store shelves on November 8, 2011 – will support the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii and Nintendo DS.