Microsoft says the iPad is a "locked down" device

Microsoft has criticized the Apple iPad for being a “locked down” device.

“It is a humorous world in how Microsoft is much more open than Apple,” Brandon Watson, the director of product management in the developer platform at Microsoft, told Technologizer.

According to Watson, developers can use Microsoft’s platform to build “whatever they want” and target a “broad array” of devices using the same skill set.

In addition, Watson claimed that many iPhone app developers had yet to make a profit.

“Developing applications for the iPhone and iPad is expensive because [the] OS uses the Objective C language rather than Microsoft’s more pervasive .NET platform,” said Watson.

“And Apple’s control over the platform has alienated some people that make software for its products.”

However, David Worthington of Technologizer opined that Microsoft’s criticism of the iPad “missed the target” altogether.

“What Apple has envisioned with the iPad isn’t a traditional PC–it’s more of an appliance. You don’t tinker with your television; you turn it on and consume services,” explained Worthington.

“The iPad’s Apps are like services. And despite what Watson said about iPhone developers failing to make money, some are clearly doing exceptionally well. If the [iPad] price comes down even further, Apple’s got a winner.”