Flashback! Atari relaunches 80’s game console

The 80’s are back! Yes, Atari has decided to relaunch its classic game console at a $30 price point.

The offer also includes a T-shirt featuring the original Atari VCS 2600 – which is often described as one of the most iconic machines in the history of video gaming.  

“Flash back to the 80’s! [These] are the games that defined a generation,” Atari gushed in an official statement.

“New Wave is in, neon is hip and the Atari craze is everywhere! With the Atari Flashback 2+ Classic Game Console, you can play some of the most popular video games of the 80’s, groundbreaking back then, [but] just as much fun today.”

The Flashback 2+ offers 40 games built right in to the console, including 3D Tic Tac Toe, Arcade Asteroids, Arcade Pong, Battlezone, Space War, Yars’ Revenge, Super Baseball, Missile Command, Centipede and Lunar Lander. 

Meanwhile, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich told TG Daily that Plug-n-Play consoles such as the Atari Flashback 2+ have been on the market for over five years.

“Whilst it isn’t tracked as video game sales (it is classified as a Toy), sales are impressive. Previous ones by Atari and Namco have all surpassed a million units,” said Divnich.

“It gives some of us older consumers a nostalgic feel without hurting our wallets. [However] these systems are most popular around the holidays, [as] we don’t see too much traction during the off-season on the Plug-n-Play products.”