Microsoft eyes Xbox Live games for Windows Mobile phones

A recent Microsoft job ad indicates that the Redmond-based company is preparing to run Xbox Live games on Windows Mobile phones.

“We need a Principle Program Manager who can help drive the platform and bring Xbox Live enabled games to Windows Mobile,” reads the ad, which was originally spotted by Mobile Techworld.

“This person will focus specifically on what makes gaming experiences ‘Live Enabled’ through aspects such as avatar integration, social interactions, and multi-screen experiences.”

According to Ian Paul of PC World, the Xbox Mobile concept will fit nicely with Microsft’s much-touted “three screens” concept.

“The new Xbox Live strategy echoes back to the Xbox Live Anywhere program first announced at the E3 conference in 2006. [It] aims to create a seamless computing experience between your PC, television and mobile device (as well as the cloud),” explained Paul.

Destructoid’s Nick Chester expressed similar sentiments.

“There are already plenty of ways to view your Xbox Live friends list on your mobile phones. But this sounds like it’s taking it a step further, particularly with the mention of ‘multi-screen experiences,'” opined Chester.

“Linking your Xbox 360 to your mobile device could allow for some interesting experiences, but let’s not forget, it’s been done before. Nintendo did a similar thing with the Game Boy Advance and the GameCube via a link cable, giving birth to some pretty killer games.” 

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