TSA subpoenas bloggers over leaked security memo

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has served subpoenas to at least two travel bloggers accused of writing about a confidential airline security directive.

The directive was apparently formulated shortly after a terrorist on a US-bound flight attempted to detonate an “underwear bomb” during the Christmas holiday.

Steve Frischling told the Associated Press that TSA special agents arrived at his Connecticut home and questioned him for three hours. 

The federal agents subsequently confiscated Frischling’s laptop and threatened to “interfere” with a lucrative Royal Dutch Airlines contract if he didn’t disclose the name of the individual who provided the memo.

However, Frischling claimed that he did not know who sent the memo and insisted that it “literally showed up” in his inbox.

The above-mentioned TSA directive reportedly outlined a number of new security measures, including boarding gate screening, pat downs, additional luggage inspection, the close examination of syringes and mandating that passengers remain in their seats one hour before landing.