Microsoft denies Xbox Live cloud rumors

Microsoft is denying speculation that its promised cloud storage service for Xbox Live has been rolled out ahead of schedule.

As part of the myriad new features announced at its E3 keynote last month, Microsoft said it will be giving Xbox 360 users the ability to upload some of their user content – which to date has needed to be stored on a local console – to the cloud.

Specifically, users will be able to store their Gamertags to an online account, and then retrieve them from any other Xbox 360 system.

The service will also allow storing save files for certain games to the cloud, eliminating the dreaded fear of losing progress and having to start a game all over again.

Earlier this week, buzz started spreading that Microsoft was already beginning the phase of rolling out the cloud services, prompting Xbox gamers to check for updates and hunt for the new feature.

However, Joystiq quoted a Microsoft spokesperson as quashing the rumors, saying, “Just confirmed that the service has not gone live yet. We’ll keep you posted on launch details.”

Microsoft isn’t really pioneering anything here, as Sony has offered online-based account retrieval for the PS3 from day one, and introduced cloud-based game saves when it rolled out Playstation Plus last year.

Among the other new features planned for Xbox Live this year are indeed new and exciting industry changers, like the ability to watch live TV from an Xbox 360 console. A huge update for Xbox Live is currently slated for a general fall 2011 time frame.