Madden 11 goes 3D, but stops short of a touchdown

The latest installment in Madden’s NFL game franchise is going to tease us with a brand new unlocked 3D mode, even though it’s not the stereoscopic 3D standard that sophisticated gamers have come to expect.

Sorry, PS3 gamers with a fancy 3D TV. This is not an announcement that the new Madden game is getting presented in full stereoscopic 3D.

Instead, it will be a special 3D mode for use with red-and-cyan 3D glasses – you know, the old-school 1980s kind of 3D. The mode was built into the game from the day it was released, but gamers will have to do some promotional buying to unlock it.

Specially marked bags of Doritos chips will contain a special game code that players can input to unlock the 3D mode. Then, glasses will be included in issues of the November 5 issue of ESPN The Magazine. So you’ll need to buy a bag of Dorito’s and a magazine to get the new mode. Cross-promotion buffoonery, much?

Actually, you don’t NEED the glasses from ESPN The Magazine; any red-and-cyan glasses will work. Just in case you happen to have some lying around the house.

“We wanted to add something into the game that was relevant, something that people are talking about, but at the same time we wanted to make the 3-D accessible to everyone,” said EA Sports in a statement.