Gemalto becomes latest company to sue Google over Android

Security firm Gemalto is suing Google, claiming that its Dalvik virtual machine violates its patents.

The suit, filed in the Eastern District of Texas, also names  HTC, Motorola, and Samsung. It alleges the companies have exploited Gemalto’s technology in the Android operating system, Dalvik virtual machine and associated development tools and products.

The three patented technologies, says Gemalto, were developed in-house back in the 1990s. They allow software written in Java and other high-level programming languages to run on mobile phones, and were incorporated into the JavaCard product.


“Gemalto’s patented technologies are fundamental to running software, developed in a high level programming language such as Java, on a resource constrained device,” said a Gemalto spokesperson.

“Gemalto is recognized as a pioneer and ground-breaking contributor to the JavaCard – one of the devices for which the patented technologies were conceived.”

The suit comes just weeks after a similar move from Oracle, which claims it acquired Java patents with its takeover of Sun Microsystems which have been violated by Google. But while Google isn’t commenting directly on the case, it has always said that Dalvik was created from the ground up in a ‘clean room’ environment.

Apple’s had a go too, suing HTC over its Android phones back in March.


“This lawsuit is necessary to protect our investment in innovation,” said the Gemalto spokesperson. “The technologies we develop and associated intellectual property rights are essential to Gemalto’s future.”