LG says 80% of consumers prefer passive 3D

An LG-commissioned study reveals the vast majority of consumers don’t want expensive active-shutter 3D TVs.

The survey found that 80% of respondents preferred the overall 3D experience of LG’s “Cinema 3D” technology over Samsung’s active 3D.

Of course, because the study was paid for by LG, the results come with a grain of salt. However, the study itself was done by a third party called Morpane.

During the survey, respondents watched clips on an LG 3D TV and a Samsung 3D TV and then were asked which one they prefer in a handful of categories:

– Overall 3D experience

– 3D picture quality

– 3D effect

– 3D glasses

In every category, consumers chose LG as their preferred choice, with 77% – 80% of respondents choosing it over Samsung.

Samsung’s 3D TV models, which came out more than a year before any of LG’s Cinema 3D systems, require users to wear electronic 3D glasses and work best when they are facing the TV head-on. LG’s TVs, on the other hand, use the same kind of glasses as those used in movie theaters and allow a wider viewing angle, but the technology is not as sophisticated.

The latter point didn’t seem to matter to the people in the survey, since LG’s technology is more user-friendly.

“We developed LG Cinema 3D to solve the problems consumers were experiencing with active 3D and to provide the best 3D experience in the home. With its outstanding picture quality, affordability, and easy-to-use and share glasses, it’s no surprise that LG Cinema 3D technology is preferred by four out of five of consumers over Sony and Samsung’s active 3D,” said LG CEO Wayne Park in a statement.