Lady Gaga + Zynga = Love Game

“Let’s play a love game, play a love game. Zynga, do you want love? I wanna take a ride on your in-game ad.”

Okay, I admit, my version of the song isn’t all that catchy and doesn’t really rhyme either, but it does describes the new collaborative effort between the two hyper-successful entities.

To make a long story short, Lady Gaga and Farm Ville-creator Zynga have closed a deal for an in-game promotion of Gaga’s latest album, “Born this Way.”


You might remember that Zynga has a long-running tradition in promotion partnerships with big brands. They have worked with such names as 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, DreamWorks, American Express, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. 

Yes, and it seems that the eccentric Lady Gaga is the next (logical?) stop.

Meanwhile, in honor of The Lady, Zynga is prepping “Gaga-ville” – due to launch on May 17. 

In “Gaga-ville,” Farmville players will be able to enjoy a yes, you guess it, Lady Gaga-themed farm which is expected to boast all kinds of quaint features to match her crazy image.

For example, the in-game items include original, wacky elements such as unicorns and sheep riding motorcycles. Gagaville fans will also be encouraged to listen to songs from the upcoming album, due to be released on May 23. This will definitely make Gaga’s little monsters most happy.


And that is not all. Those who purchase a Zynga game card worth $25 from Best Buy will receive the new album for free. Players from RewardVille can also use their points to obtain virtual items, inspired by Lady Gaga’s image for the most popular Zynga games. 

Zynga also plans to offer a “Words with Gaga” game, which will be announced daily on the pop star’s Facebook page. Players will have the chance to win concert tickets and a copy of the album “Born This Way,” with Gaga’s autograph.


Zynga usage has dropped from 2010 but clearly, the company’s games can still attract millions of users. And Zynga -Lady Gaga seem to make a great combo, or is it just a “bad romance?”


[Via ZDNet]