Jerry O’Connell discusses being filmed nude in 3D for "Piranha"

Actor Jerry O’Connell’s…ahem…manhood is about to become famous as the very first one captured on 3D cameras for a national theatrical movie release. How does he feel about that?

O’Connell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the upcoming horror flick Piranha 3D. It’s gaining traction as one of the most high-profile R-rated 3D movie releases since the resounding success of James Cameron’s Avatar has brought the 3D medium to the center of attention.

There’s something else that is apparently not quite at “full attention” in Piranha 3D. O’Connell discussed the rather personal details in his interview with Kimmel.

“I show my … because I play a softcore pornography mogul who videotapes girls at Spring Break. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is in 3D, and … there may be some issues with the piranha and my member. Maybe,” he said.

Now, one of the main draws about 3D content is the fact that long pointy objects can be manipulated to appear as though they’re sticking out right in front of you. That apparently won’t be an issue here because, well, apparently certain surroundings prevented something from actually being too long…

“The Colorado River, very cold river, rushes into Lake Havasu. So when you see me, it’s very cold water,” quipped O’Connell (much of the movie was filmed around Lake Havasu). Yet it will still forever be etched in moviegoers’ minds as the first time they ever saw one in 3D.

All that being said, however, it won’t be such a big deal after 3D porn starts being released. Oh yeah, it’s happening, folks.