James Cameron sets his 3D eyes to Cirque du Soleil

James Cameron, otherwise known as the king of 3D, has just come forward to talk about his latest project – capturing the magic of Cirque du Soleil into a 3D feature film.

Yes, the director of Avatar has been turning his 3D prowess to Cirque du Soleil 3D. Even though it was just announced, Cameron has been quoted as saying it’s already about 1/3 done.

Cameron and his team have “major distributors already shown footage” as they work to get the right production and marketing backbone behind the film.

Featuring casts from stage performances of the show all over the world, this 3D adventure will be a cohesive product with a full storyline, and plenty of visual effects.

Cirque is one of those things you almost have to see in person, because its main draw is the sheer beauty and magical quality of the stunts and scenery on display at any given time.

But thanks to 3D, the phrase “almost as good as being there” is actually starting to be kind of valid. So, again, there’s only one man for this job.

There’s no word on when Cameron is looking to show this movie to the general public, or what its official title will be. So stay tuned.