Fake receipts target Amazon retailers

Fraudsters have been circulating a piece of software that generates fake Amazon receipts, allowing fraudsters to scam Amazon retailers.

The program allows scammers to create an HTML receipt for phantom Amazon.com purchases. By complaining that an ordered item is missing and them emailing the retailer with a screenshot of the ‘receipt’, they stand a good chance of being believed, says security firm GFI Software.

“What happens once our scammer is armed with his fake receipt? Well, many sellers on Amazon will ask you to send them a copy of your receipt should you run into trouble, have orders go missing, lose your license key for a piece of software and so on,” says Christopher Boyd, senior threat researcher at GFI Software.

“The gag here is that the scammer is relying on the seller not checking the details and accepting the printout at face value. After all, how many sellers would be aware somebody went to the trouble of creating a fake receipt generator in the first place?”

Of course, the non-existent purchase won’t show up on a retailer’s records, and one or two of the details are a little odd. The program seems to add random digits on the ‘Visa: payment method’ section in payment information, for example.

“Many of the items in the fake printout are convincing as a whole, but once you start digging into the details a little bit, it quickly falls apart. If a customer seems a little peculiar, ensure you take a good look at their receipt,” says Boyd.

“You probably don’t want to have a Homer Simpson moment after you’ve sent three Playstations to their dropoff address.”