Is this the future of Eve?

CCP Games has debuted a rather impressive trailer depicting its future vision of a comprehensive Eve universe.

The 2:38 clip shows detailed characters, explorable stations and the complex interplay between Eve’s space war and ground battles taking place in (console game) Dust 514.

PC Gamer’s Graham Smith – who attended the debut in Iceland – described CCP’s grand initiative as an “almost staggeringly ambitious project.”

“Although the trailer doesn’t show any actual game, it’s easy to get excited about its potential. [The audience] gave the trailer a standing ovation, before yelling to see it a second time,” wrote Smith.

“[Then] Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said he would show it again if the crowd stood and yelled ‘FU** YEAH!’ three times, which everyone around me hurriedly did.”

So what is Dust 514?

Well, the title is an upcoming console-based MMOFPS set within Eve. As noted above, in-game events are expected to affect the Eve Online universe, with battles determining who controls various planets and resources. 

For example, gamers in Dust 514 will be able to interact with Eve players in a number of ways, such as providing mercenary assistance.

Although players will not be assigned classes, they will be able to decide on their specialization via the choices they make. Other features include customizable vehicles, RTS-style perspective for commanders, player housing and a micro-transaction game model.