Failed Russian spy Anna Chapman cashes in

What happens when you hit the headlines for being exposed as a deep-cover operative in the United States? You get a reality show, of course.

Yes, Anna Chapman – often describes as the “sultry Russian secret agent” – landed multiple TV spots and positioned herself in politics, all while launching her own Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian-esque empire of products like vodka and perfume.

“It was the start of something great and beautiful,” Chapman recently gushed on a Russian TV show. “The day I returned to Moscow was my second birthday.”

Instead of disappearing into the shadows like most spies, Chapman was received in her native Russia with open arms.

Vladimir Putin even said that Chapman and her comrades would “work in worthy places” and have “bright, interesting lives.”

“Every single one of these people has gone through a difficult time… in the interests of their homeland,” said Putin, an ex-KGB officer.

After Chapman’s deportation from the States, her story of fame and stardom began in a karaoke bar of all places. Joined by her comrades and Vladimir Putin himself, the Russians gathered in a karaoke joint to sing Soviet-era songs like “From Where the Motherland Begins.”

After that, her career really took off, receiving top state honors by President Dmitry Medvedev, posing in a prominent men’s magazine (Maxim) and hosting her own primetime TV show.

In the political realm, Chapman became the face of the ruling United Russia party’s youth movement and has been tipped to win a seat in parliament in the upcoming electronics.

Like Paris Hilton and the “That’s Hot” trademark or Kim Kardashian’s empire, Chapman registered her surname as a trademark and debuted a poker app along with a lineup of Chapman watches.

Seemingly the only other person besides the weatherman to continue receive praise for doing her job badly, it’s important to remember that Chapman failed her mission as an undercover spy in the United States.

When asked by reporters her thoughts on her own deportation, she replied: “I believe that everything that happens is for the best.” Always the self-promoter, Chapman dropped a teaser: “Watch your screens next year. I’ll reveal all the secrets.”

(Via Guardian UK)