Is that an Intel chip in your Sony TV?

Sony is planning to unveil a new lineup of home entertainment devices that will be powered by Intel processors and Google-coded software.

According to Bloomberg, the Intel processor is a “customized” version of the company’s Atom chip designed to run a new version of Google’s Android operating system known as Dragonpoint.

“Sony, aiming to win back share lost to Samsung and LG, would use Intel and Google to help produce televisions and Blu-ray DVD players with Internet access,” wrote Bloomberg’s Ian King.

“Intel, whose processors run 80 percent of personal computers, wants to get its chips into new areas, including mobile phones and consumer electronics.”

Meanwhile, a post on UberGizmo noted that Google would be entering a “highly competitive” market, with players such as Cisco, Motorola, Microsoft, Apple, TiVo and Boxee all potential opponents.

“Of course, Google itself entered the mobile phone scene a while back, so it’s no stranger to intense competition.”