iPad not welcome at Yankee Stadium

Strike! The Bronx Bombers have decided to ban the wildly popular Apple iPad from Yankee Stadium.

According to the Associated Press, the Pinstripes have long enforced a policy of barring entry to fans with laptop computers.

“iPads are [now] included in that ban…The team says it’s a security-and-safety issue,” explained the AP.

“[However], Yankee Stadium is among the most tech-savvy parks in the majors. Every player has a computer screen at his locker, in fact.”

Meanwhile, MLB Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman told Business Insider that the ban existed because the Yankees “didn’t want fans to get hurt by [becoming] distracted and getting hit in the face with a ball.”

Still, as Will Park of IntoMobile writes, hope may yet exist for thousands of New York iPad junkies.

“Despite the official security policy that allows officials to pat you down and look through your belongings in search of banned items, there are anecdotal reports of iPads making it inside the stadium,” noted Park.

“If you’ve got a loose-fitting jacket or some monstrous pockets on your blue jeans, you might be able to smuggle the tablet inside.”