Towing company sues Facebook user for $750,000

After a 21-year-old college student created a Facebook group to complain about T&J Towing, the towing company filed a lawsuit against him for $750,000.

Justin Kurtz’s car was towed from his apartment complex near Western Michigan University in February. However, Kurtz argues that he had his parking pass on display and was parked legally. He also alleges that the towers who took his car damaged the front end in the process.

As a result, he created the Facebook group “Kalamazoo Residents against T & J Towing,” which has actually managed to get more than 4,200 members. The company claims it has been financially hurt by the group because it contains slanderous comments.

T&J wants Kurtz to “immediately cease and desist any further libelous and slanderous written claims.” As of Monday night, the group appears to have been taken down. However, the “Not getting sued by T&J towing” group was put up today and already has more than 130 members.

Of course, truth is a defense to slander. And even though T&J claims that Kurtz went on a “crusade to post verbal and written claims … with allegations that are untrue and/or dishonest and without merit,” the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan has given T&J a score of an “F” with a history of claims like Kurtz’s.

The New York Daily News quoted Kurtz as saying, “I’m not losing sleep about [the lawsuit].”