Increase your chances of winning a poker game – Few tips to make you a better player

Do you agree to the fact that one way of winning a game in poker is to choose the tables carefully on which you’re going to sit? This means that if you’re planning to win a poker tournament, you have to choose the opponents whom you can beat. In case you ask a professional poker about the tips on how they can perform well, they will tell you that selection of table is the biggest factor along with another crucial factor like bankroll management.

Table selection in cash games needn’t be too difficult but it simply takes little bit of extra effort before you sit to play. Whether you play live or online, take a close look to see who are sitting at the table before you take your seat. In case you think the players are tough, don’t sit with them. Only if you think you can win against them, you should opt for that table. Apart from this tip, what are the other ways in which you can be a better poker player? Here are some you should consider.

#1: Don’t play every hand that you get, fold some

The biggest mistake made by poker players at the very beginning is that they tend to play too many hands. During the beginning of the game, when you want to actually ‘play’ poker, this means you should stay in hands which aren’t too good or which are just a part of the game. Don’t think that playing more will also mean winning more as it actually means losing more. If you see that you’re staying in on more than half of the hands which you’ve dealt with, you got to check your starting hands.

#2: Don’t play if you’re drunk

There are few nights when you’re simply in a mood to play with low stakes, when you derive the fun of the game called poker. However, in case you’re in a casino, you should definitely stay away from alcohol, especially if you’re looking forward to win the game. You may feel that you’re extremely relaxed after 2 drinks but you may not realize that the 2 drinks can make you play with less concentration. You will notice that the other players are taking undue advantage of the fact that you’re drunk.

#3: Don’t hit false just for the sake of bluffing

There are lots of novices who know that bluffing is a vital part of poker but they don’t know how they should do it actually. There are no such hard and fast rules where you have to bluff an amount while playing poker. But there are few players who don’t think they’ve won until they’ve tried bluffing. Don’t forget that bluffs work only against specific people and hence bluffing just for the sake of it won’t work.

Therefore, if you’re want to know more on poker strategies, make sure you first master the art of the game and then choose your table carefully.