id Software chief says 3D gaming not ready for prime time

id Software chief Todd Hollenshead believes 3D gaming isn’t at all ready for prime time.

Indeed, Hollenshead told EuroGamer that gamers will likely have to “wait” a while before 3D titles make any serious impact on the industry.

He also noted that the price of 3D televisions would need to hit reasonable levels before videogame companies were amenable to investing in the technology.

“The TVs are f***ing expensive. Is there enough content to justify? [Sure], at the very uber end of the videophiles, those guys are going to adopt [3D]. But that’s not going to be wide enough adoption to create substantial change within the gaming market.

“[No], it has to be more pervasive and more widely adopted before it makes sense for videogame development companies to invest. [Yes], you may have one or two that are like, oh, we’re going to fly the banner of this and we’re going to make our name on this one thing.

“But to have really meaningful differences is going to require some more time. The price is going to have to come down and you’re going to have to have more widespread adoption.”