Corporate America slow to adopt social media integration

Well, what a surprise! It seems as if the clueless suits and ties running corporate America have little interest in allowing their employees to have any fun or down time.

Yes, that’s right. 

Approximately 44% of (enterprise) respondents to a recent poll conducted by NoJitter confirmed they had absolutely no intention of integrating social networking into their communication grids anytime soon.  

“My gut tells me that this is your basic technology skepticism at work, as well as the natural constraints of a budget-limited and workforce-limited time,” explained NoJitter’s Eric Krapf.

“While social media is definitely a real factor, the value of integrating it with communications – as opposed to letting your users play around with it on public sites – is still unproven.”

According to Krapf, the “no” answer might be smaller if budgets were higher.

However, he acknowledged that among the “real-world choices” enterprises had to make – actually committing to a social media integration project “wouldn’t rank high” on the priority list.

“So, social media integration may be the wave of the future, but it looks like that’s where it’ll reside for the time being – in the future.”