Hulu Plus reportedly coming to Xbox 360 this week

Months after PS3 first got Hulu’s premium streaming service, it may finally be coming to Xbox 360.

When the Hulu Plus app launched for the PS3, it was still in beta, and it was largely expected Sony paid some sort of incentive in order to grab console exclusivity of the service for a limited time.

Whether or not that actually happened, the exclusivity title is going away, according to the Official Xbox Magazine, which reports Hulu Plus will be available on the Xbox 360 this Friday.

Hulu Plus charges users $8 per month in exchange for unlimited streaming of hundreds of TV shows and movies, including the most recent TV episodes sometimes available just hours after they air live.

The service has splashed onto devices like Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players, and the iPad. However, because of licensing restrictions, some of the first-run TV shows are not available for streaming through the Hulu Plus app.