How can Video Games Help You to Improve Your Thinking Process?

Over the years, video games have been the source of much critical acclaim. In recent years, video games have been accused for making children violent and less focused on the more important things.

Do video games really hold no credit in improving a child’s mindset somehow? No, that is not true. Video games play a vital part in the shaping of many brilliant mindsets. Let’s find out how.

Building and Sharping Tactics

The most beneficial way in which modern day video games benefit youngsters is by making them tactful. There are many games available in which the gamers are required to use their minds to build strategies to counter their opponents or to clear a level.

An example of one such game is Clash Royale. Even though at first glance game seems like a simple F2P, it is actually much more than that. Yes, you may have to pay to get better faster, but you can even progress if you decide to become a bit more patient and wait for it to progress on its own. Even so you need to keep your mind open to always keep a lookout for new ways to defeat the enemy. The best example how can games improve thinking process are gaming tools – hacks and cheats.

Those tools, mods or apps are advanced level when it comes to gaming. They simply show gamer’s desire to reach advanced level and how to figure out solution to any problematic situation. Clash Royale is fantastic example of game cheat developing which requires significant thinking activity. Here you can download Clash Royale hack app for Android and iOS and give a thought on it.

Increasing Memory Capacity

After building tactics, there is another huge advantage imparted by video games, be it simple mobile games or heavy console games is that they improve your memory. This is because many games have tasks you need to complete by relying solely on your memory.

In many heavy games there are also different regions and worlds which have a map on their own. Games like these allow you to memorize the way from one city to another and this becomes a very useful skill to have in the long run. Studies have shown that people who have an expertise in such games are excellent with directions and familiarize themselves with directions to many places quickly.

Recognizing Patterns

Most games available these days also help you to recognize patterns. This is possible to do in android based games and console games as well. For example, you are facing the boss in the final stage of a level in some game, and to defeat him you need to familiarize yourself with his moves. How do you do that? You stall for time for a while and see what he does. Then, you try to attack every spot that seems weak very cautiously at every chance you get. After that, you finally discover what his weak spot is and voila, he is gone.


We know this seems unlikely, but video games are also great for teaching patience to youngsters. This also includes pay-to-win games in which you either give money or wait for progress or we can even take the boss example where you have to wait and discover his weakness before attacking.