Halo Reach download leak may lead to a new release date

Apparently all’s well that ends well is not an appropriate sentiment for Microsoft, developer Bungie, and gamers looking forward to next month’s planned launch of Halo Reach.

Over the past weekend, it came to light that someone had hacked a downloadable version of the upcoming Xbox 360 title that was supposed to only be available for authorized reviewers and journalists.

In amove that is definitely not just a clever PR stunt, spoilers about the game have popped up left and right, including details about the game’s ending.

It is undoubtedly frustrating news for Halo fans who realize now that the game has been finished and Microsoft is just whistling as it waits to release the game. UK-based game news site CVG is hinting that Microsoft and Bungie might secretly be determining if they should move up the release date.

There are rumors floating around that it may just push the mass production button sooner rather than later, especially as a move to prevent more fans from downloading the illegal game file. There are certainly many gamers among that group who would be willing to pay the full $60 but are more concerned with being able to play the game than with the moral conflict of not paying for it.

Microsoft has declined to comment about the Halo Reach story.